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Jill Anthony Law Office
10-20 Hwy 20 East
Fonthill , ON
L0S 1E0
Phone: 905.892.2621
Jill Anthony
Fax: 905.892.1022
E-mail: EMAIL

Hiring a good lawyer is crucial to resolving your legal issues. Our law firm will provide vital assistance in most aspects of your legal needs. You will find us to be knowledgeable and willing to help should you need assistance in any of the following areas:

  1. Real Estate
    - home purchases, sales, refinancing
    - cottage purchases, sales, refinancing
    - agreements of purchase and sale
    - title insurance
  2. Land Development
    - new home builders and subdivision development - all aspects
    - industrial property purchases, sales, refinancing
    - commercial property purchases and land acquisitions/sales
  3. Life Leaes
    - We act for either the Developer of a Life Lease complex or a Life Lease purchaser or seller
  4. Commercial Leases
    - we represent either the landlord or tenant to ensure your lease will work for you
  5. Farm Acquisitions, sales and refinancing
    - some unique issues present themselves when acting on the purchase or sale of a farm property. Our years of experience have made us very familiar with and knowledgeable about these issues.
  6. Mortgages and Mortgage Enforcement
    - we prepare and register mortgages
    - we will help with enforcing a mortgage where the mortgagor has defaulted, foreclosure or power of sale
  7. Condominium Registration
    - we will assist with registration of a condominium for a developer or act for a purchaser/seller of a condominium
  8. Incorporations
    - Federal or Provincial - we know which one is right for you
    - business start-up - make sure you are properly registered
    - know who you need to contact
    - drafting of contracts and responding to contracts
    - shareholder agreements
    - corporate record keeping and government filings
  9. Business Acquisitions and Start-up
    - should you buy the shares of a company or the assets of a company - how do you make sure you don’t buy the liabilities of a company/business
    - partnership agreements
    - sale of a business
  10. Wills and Estate Planning
    - it is important for you and your family that your documentation be in order and we make sure it is
    - we will draft three documents for you - a will to express your wishes should you pass away, a power of attorney for property should you be living but unable to make financial decisions and a power of attorney for personal care should you be living and unable to make personal care decisions
  11. Estate Administration
    - if it is straight forward - because the Estate Planning was done before - we organize you and you do it on your own. If you need more intensive help we do only what you want us to do and you do the rest. We’ll do our best to ensure this difficult time is as stress-free as possible. Our goal is always to ensure that there are no family arguments and that the estate funds end up with the beneficiaries - not the government or the lawyers
  12. General Matters
    - if you need notarial copies, affidavits, passports guaranteed (as long as you are clients of the office) we can help you.
  13. Referrals
    - if we can’t help you, because we can’t be experts in everything, we will refer you to an expert who can help. Just call the office for a referral.
  • Our People
    Jill C. Anthony Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
    From 1979 to the present 


    Catherine (Penny) van Amelsvoort , Law Clerk 
    Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estates & Corporate
    Commissioner of Oaths

    Taryn Finlay, Law Clerk 
    Real Estate - Commercial & Land Development
    Commissioner of Oaths

    Jocelyn Fish, Law Clerk 
    Real Estate - Residential
    Commissioner of Oaths

  • Our Fees
    Our fees are competitive with or better than other firms in the area. Please contact us by phone or email for a personalized quote.


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