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Meet Mary Marr of Marilee's Bridal & Special Occasions!
Meet Mary Marr of Marilee

I'm Mary and I'll dress you up!

This Personal Profile is part of the  Portraits of Pelham Business Series presented by the Pelham Business Association.

This special series of Portraits and Personal Profiles showcases the people that own and operate our local businesses.

We invite you to take the time to visit learn more about the many, many interesting and inspiring people that have chosen Pelham as home base for their life’s work and ambition.

Full Name


Mary Marr

Business Name


Marilee's Bridal






What business achievement are
you most proud of?


Due to slumping sales during our recessionary times, we have worked hard to re-invent our business, so that we are able to prosper. As a result of this, we won "Business of the Year" 2011, from our Chamber of Commerce.

Tell us one interesting fact
about yourself that not many
people would know.


I am a lover of children, especially my own, and my 8 grandchildren, all under the age of 6.

Where do you go/what do you do
to unwind?


I find that a vacation away from home and work is the place where I am able to truly unwind. Having said that, weekly church attendance and meeting with other Christians through the week is an uplifting experience that helps to keep me aware of what really matters in this life.

What three words would you use
to describe Pelham?


picturesque, peaceful, friendly

What is your favourite part
about running a business in


I have so many opportunities to introduce others to Pelham as we are a destination spot for many shoppers, who otherwise may never come to Pelham.



On a quiet street in Effingham



Three restaurants are tied for my vote



Coffee from McDonalds





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